Miriam Roth Ballard

Miriam, one of the founders of Springs Ensemble Theatre, is a well-known face around the local arts scene. She’s appeared in productions all over town and can be seen singing jazz at the Red Martini on the first Saturday night of the month.

Miriam Roth Ballard is Annette, the only one who really tries to play fair but who finds herself caught in the middle as her workaholic husband grows increasingly distant and uncaring as the night wears on. Reza gives Annette less of a backstory than the other three, but Ballard fills out the character nicely with an overly righteous indignation and a scary Mama Grizzly rage.
– Todd Wallinger for the Colorado Springs Independent


How long have you been doing theatre?  If I tell you, you’ll figure out my age. That said, I started singing when I was 5, and started doing theatre when I was in 4th grade.

What was your first role? My first ever play was Free to Be You and Me, and I was a myriad of roles. Next, I believe, came The Golden Harp in Jack and the Beanstalk.

What was your most difficult role? That’s a tough one, as I’ve had many. However I think my most challenging role was with Star Bar, when I did Five Women Wearing the Same Dress —I didn’t know I could be funny on stage until that piece.

What was your most rewarding role? That is a toss up between Debra in The Smell of the Kill, and Sarah Jane Moore in Assassins. Sarah Jane was a dream role in a dream show.

Worst onstage mishap? Again, it’s a toss up. When I was playing Tzeitle in Fiddler, I stood from a kneeling position and pulled my skirt off. Ah, children’s theatre. But in Merrily We Roll Along, the zipper to my strapless broke open the moment I walked out on stage. Boy, I’m glad you didn’t ask me about my worst off-stage mishap…..

Most terrifying moment? My first stage kiss. Or maybe it was when I had to be lifted in the air by five men in Crazy for You.

Funniest performance anecdote? Misspelling the name Charlie Brown on stage —we forgot the “R”.

Theatrical high point? Seeing Darius deHaas singing Judas in a scene from Superstar. It moved and inspired me in a way nothing ever has before or since.

You as a performer in three words? trusting, vulnerable, playful.

What do you want the audience to know about the current show? It’s ok to laugh.

Tell us three things about you that have nothing to do with theatre:

I used to run a not-for-profit animal rescue.

I’m left handed.

I would give up almost everything to be a storm chaser – I LOVE watching tornadoes. You know, as long as I’m not in the path of one.

What’s your Actor’s Nightmare? The typical performance dream – I have to go on stage and have no idea what I’m doing, or even what show I’m in. That and not getting cast in real life, because I’m not good enough.